Who We Are

CloudSoft5 is a Software house working in business and tailor made applications. Our main objective is to build applications to solve your problem, As we believe in “We do not sell we solve your problem”. CloudSoft5 is initiated & established by a pioneer software company Khalifa Computer Group – KCG & CSG. It has the accumulative experience in more than 30 years old in software industry since 1984.


Our Mission is to develop an integrated smart software for business to do a great things including; support, advice, consult, and help self running your business faster, easier and at minimum effort & resources’ cost.

We develop it and you just run it….


Our vision is to be the pioneers in utilizing “business intelligence” for cross industries in our leading software and to reach every small and medium enterprise in the MENA region.

The right team for your project
we love what we do

How We Do it


We used our experience to check what could be your real problem and what is the effects of it.


Problem analysis is the most important task we offer to realize the root cause ans aspcts of your problem

Digitize a Solution

Finding a solution is our only target … We are looking for the best Digital solution for your problem

Develop it

We develop the full solution for your problem as analyzed. Software, Mobile App, system, and Hardware if needed. Turnkey solution from one place

We know how to deliver the full solution to you..How to deal with the staff .. how to consult, train and deliver to work


You are not in a separate island .. we integrate your solution with the external world .. Social media, Hardware, Software … one world in one solution

testimonial-team (Demo)
HR Manager

The best Company i have ever worked with especially in after sales service. They know well what they are doing.

testimonial-team (Demo)
SI Solutions
Marketing Manager

I like using new technologies with CloudSoft5 especially when it is available to manage the whole company activities from your own smartphone.

Why choosing us

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with our


We are specialized in digitizing solutions perfectly fit your business needs. 


Over 30+ years of experience it helps us to decide which technology suits your solution and why.


Our solutions based on R&D
to deliver you a digital innovative solution 


We chose our people carefully
To treat our clients perfectly. We know that people is the success factor we should work on.


Our team has grown from two to over 15 people, as our agency has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in
New York, USA and our team come from all over the world.

Khaled Khalifa
CEO CloudSoft5

Bsc. & M.Sc. Computer Since Major IT, Cairo uni, MBA RAMP, Co-Founder & development manager @ Khalifa Computer Group.

Mohamed Khalifa
CEO Khalifa tec & Diginovia

Bsc. Power Engineering, MBA RAMP, PMP, Co-Founder & CEO @ Khalifa Computer Group.

Dr. Adel Khalifa
Khalifa Group Chairman

Bsc., Mcs, Engineering Cairo Uni, Phd Engineering Georgia Tech USA, PMP, Founder & Chairman @ Khalifa Computer Group.

Omar Khalifa
CEO Sahl for programming

Bsc. Commercial, Cairo Uni MBA RAMP, PMP, Co-Founder & CEO @ Khalifa Computer Group.