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What Is ERP+ ?

ERP+ consists of the ERP core components. Accounting, HR, Attendance, Payroll, Stock control, Project Management, CRM, POS, training courses management, and every period we are adding new modules. Regarding the “+” behind ERP is for the Apps, features, customization, and tailored to fit your business needs perfectly. Besides the “+” of technological part of having professional ERP in the cloud in a rent model, accessible anywhere anytime from any device either your smartphone or your PC.


The 16 years ERP experiences in OMS system especially the user experience and ease of use we enhanced ERP+ UX-UI to be more easy & smarter. Beside its responsive feature makes it accessible at any device.
Integration & APIs
We believe that to have an enterprise solution you need to be integrated with the external world. We can integrate with social media channels for marketing and auto lead generation, Other systems using Web APIs, Hardware like fingerprint devices. and more
ERP+ is targeting MEA. It is talking the same languages used in this region. Arabic, English, and French are the most commonly used languages in this area.
Notifications & Alerts
ERP+ is designed to be everyone in your company secretary. It notifies each employee with his interested alerts by sending email, sending sheets, sending SMS, push notifications and mobile notifications as well.
Hardware-less ERP
ERP is designed to minimize the dependency on HW. Like in attendance we have GPS attendance from ERP mob App instead of Fingerprint devices, We have QR reader instead of a barcode reader. More and more HW is replaced by a smart SW solution.
Fits .. Your Business


ERP+ has three different modes of pricing and usage. This three modes allow more and more organization wiht its different category to maximize the utlization of using ERP+ with min cost and effort

Cloud SaaS
Monthly subscription
No Customizations
Default 5 users
No Servers Needed
Implementation: 3 Visits & online support
No prerequisites, Just internet to get live
On Premises
Paid Once
Customizations Available
Unlimited # Users
Need Cloud Servers
Implementation: 3 Months
Cloud Or On-prem Server
Private Cloud
6 Months Payments
Customizations Available
Unlimited # Users
Need Cloud Servers
Implementation: 3 Months
Our Cloud and On-prem Server